Huntsman Advanced Materials Showcases Pioneering Lightweight Solutions for Automotive and Aerospace Industries at JEC World 2018

Huntsman Advanced Materials, Booth M31, Hall 6, JEC World, Paris, 6 – 8 March 2018

Huntsman Advanced Materials, a division of Huntsman Corporation, will be highlighting its broad portfolio of innovative composite, adhesive and syntactic solutions for enabling lightweighting in a wide range of applications at JEC World 2018. Combining market-leading chemistries and processes, the company will demonstrate its extensive expertise for improving composite performance and development, to help businesses respond to the ever-changing needs of both the automotive and aerospace industries.

Huntsman Advanced Materials is pleased to introduce an all-new moisture cure urethane (MCU) adhesive specifically designed for low energy surfaces (LES). The Araldite® MCU LES 40 US Adhesive is a slow-curing adhesive that is solvent free, and offers a working life (tack-free time) of  approximately 40 minutes.

Manufacturers of snowboards and skis, like all businesses, maintain a competitive edge through ongoing innovations in design, materials selection, and production processes. At Canada’s Prior Snowboard Manufactory Ltd., Whistler, British Columbia, the challenge of handcrafting premium snow-riding products is compounded by its broad product line, including stock and custom-built snowboards, skis, and splitboards. The shape, length, side-cut, flex, weight, camber, and laminate material compositionare unique to each board and ski, demanding the use of versatile laminating materials and assembly processes that perform for every design..

It’s often said that there is ‘no need to reinvent the wheel’, but following a recent invention that’s come to market, this appears to not be the case after all.

The product in question is Loopwheels, a shock-absorbing wheel with a unique, integral suspension system. Created with the help of an Araldite® composite bonder it has been nominated for the prestigious ‘Designs of the Year 2015’ sponsored by the Design Museum.

As part of its commitment to continuous product development and to ensure the sustainability of its structural adhesive range, Huntsman Advanced Materials has introduced ARALDITE® 2021-1 and ARALDITE® 2022-1.

These two-component, toughened, methacrylate adhesive systems replace ARALDITE® 2021 and ARALDITE® 2022 respectively, with the new products offering measurable improvements. Most significantly, there is a brand-new production process with secured sources of raw materials in place - Huntsman’s Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives manufacturing has been consolidated into just one dedicated plant in the EU and further to this, a simplification of Huntsman Advanced Materials’ internal supply chain has taken place to ensure faster deliveries to customers.

Multi-material bonding is playing a growing role in today's auto industry as engineers seek to reduce vehicle weight, increase component durability and optimize production efficiencies.

Huntsman, an adhesives industry leader for more than 60 years, is supporting this effort by applying product innovations developed for the aerospace industry to structural adhesives for vehicle bonding.

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