Multi-material bonding is playing a growing role in today's auto industry as engineers seek to reduce vehicle weight, increase component durability and optimize production efficiencies.

Huntsman, an adhesives industry leader for more than 60 years, is supporting this effort by applying product innovations developed for the aerospace industry to structural adhesives for vehicle bonding.

New ARALDITE® 2015 and ARALDITE® EP 300 epoxy adhesives are specifically designed for bonding metals, composites and engineering thermoplastics used in challenging environments.

  • ARALDITE® 2015 epoxy adhesive is formulated for joining GRP, SMC and dissimilar materials. With high peel and shear strengths at service temperatures from -67˚F (-55˚C) to 200˚F (93˚C), along with rapid green strength and low shrinkage, ARALDITE® 2015 is ideal for multi-material structural bonding and can be used on a number of locations throughout the vehicle.
  • ARALDITE® EP 300 epoxy adhesive has a service temperature of up to 400˚F (204˚C). Its ability to rapidly generate handling strength along with resistance to heat and gap-filling properties make the new adhesive ideal for structural bonding of dissimilar materials exposed to the E-Coat process.

Other Huntsman advanced adhesives for automotive applications include epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate systems that are designed for joining steel, aluminium, plastics, composites and substrate combinations. Resulting bondlines are more fatigue resistant and distribute stress more uniformly than mechanical joints so that they can carry higher weight loads. Moreover, the adhesives, which range from liquids to pastes, are suitable for use with a variety of bonding methods.  Formulations feature varied handling and curing times to meet the requirements of large and small bonding projects. Cured joints can range from elastic to rigid with performance properties including high impact, lap shear and peel strengths as well as high heat and chemical resistance.

With this combination of characteristics, adhesives are ideal for manufacturing interior and exterior vehicle components.  Huntsman adhesives reduce production costs by simplifying processes and accommodating faster assembly throughput.


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