Huntsman Advanced Materials is pleased to introduce an all-new moisture cure urethane (MCU) adhesive specifically designed for low energy surfaces (LES). The Araldite® MCU LES 40 US Adhesive is a slow-curing adhesive that is solvent free, and offers a working life (tack-free time) of  approximately 40 minutes.

This adhesive cures in the presence of moisture to form a tough durable bond. Araldite® MCU LES 40 US Adhesive bonds to a wide variety of low-energy surfaces but does require that at least one of the substrates be permeable. Typical substrates include wood and wood products, FRP and other plastics with Dyne levels below 38, expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foams, and many primed metals.

Typical architectural applications include sandwich panel bonding for signage, flooring, impact doors, animal confinement and cold storage.

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