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Huntsman, Booth M 31, Hall 6, JEC World, Paris, 3rd-5th March 2020

Huntsman will showcase its latest adhesive solutions for the wind energy, marine and outdoor assembly industries at JEC World 2020. Visit Booth M31, Hall 6 to see how Huntsman’s innovative adhesives can facilitate the assembly of large parts and optimize the repairs process – even in extreme conditions.

Huntsman’s booth will feature a mock-up of a sandwich board for boat-building using its ARALDITE® 2023 acrylic adhesive, designed for tough, flexible bonds in dynamic environments. Available in three open times, ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive is formulated to improve assembly processes and cosmetic appearance for large and complex multi-material assemblies. ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive has high sag-resistance, making it ideal for vertical and complex bonding applications, and high elongation at break to cope with thermal expansion. Its high gap-filling capabilities allow it to compensate tolerances up to 30mm, with the unique benefit of a low exothermic peak that does not make the adhesive burn, smoke or create bubbles while filling high gaps.

“ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive is designed to make complex assemblies simple. This unique product fits into your bonding process with minimal surface preparation and no primer needed,” says Laurent Chouvet, Technical Support Manager, Adhesives.

For repairs and maintenance in extreme conditions, Huntsman will also display a wind-blade repair using ARALDITE® 2050 and ARALDITE® 2051 acrylate adhesives, enabling more efficient and cost-effective operations while delivering a high quality, safe and durable solution for maintenance and repairs. Fast-curing and effective from -20°C to 40°C (-4 to 104°F), ARALDITE® 2050 and ARALDITE® 2051 adhesives accelerate bonding operations in any extreme conditions of temperature and humidity, and even underwater. They provide high adhesion performance with minimum surface preparation and are easy to use and apply without specialist training.

“Huntsman is committed to working with wind, marine and outdoor customers to develop reliable products that bond multiple materials in extreme conditions,” says Simon Thering, Adhesives Marketing Manager. “No other structural adhesives work in the same temperature ranges and conditions as ARALDITE® 2050 and ARALDITE® 2051 adhesives.”

For more than 70 years, Huntsman has had a long-standing reputation as a pioneer and leader in high performance adhesives. Huntsman’s broad portfolio of more than 200 speciality adhesives are designed to meet customers’ most challenging bonding requirements. At JEC World 2020, Huntsman will highlight its core range of 10 multipurpose structural adhesives that meet 80% of bonding needs, helping customers improve productivity and realize their ideas faster.

Learn more about ARALDITE® 2050 and ARALDITE® 2051 in our free whitepaper available at http://huntsmanadhesives.com/

For more information about Huntsman’s full range of adhesive solutions, visit Booth M 31, Hall 6.

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