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If you need to patch a concrete surface or add new concrete on top of old concrete, Huntsman epoxy adhesives are the perfect bonding agents.



Araldite for construction industry - bonding old concrete to new

Product Description Viscosity (mixed) Handling Strength (mins) Lap Shear Strength (AL)
Araldite 2011 2 C Epoxy, high strength and toughness, multi-purpose, room temp cure 30,000-45,000 420 3,771
Araldite 2013 2 C Epoxy, good environmental and chemical resistance, thixotropic, room temp cure Thixotropic 240 2,634
Araldite 2014 2 C Epoxy, resistance to high temperature, excellent chemical resistance, room temp cure Thixotropic 180 2,762



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