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Huntsman is a leading global supplier of advanced, high-performance adhesives for the fabrication, assembly and repair of interior and exterior aircraft components.

Huntsman offers a wide range of bonding solutions under the Araldite®, Epibond®, Fastweld® and Uralane® brands. For over 60 years, our products have been used by leading aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Goodrich, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Bell, Rohr and other OEMs.

Many of the epoxies and polyurethanes are flame retardant and exhibit the low flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics required to comply with regulations such as FAR 25.853 that govern materials used in large commercial aircraft.

Our products are used in the following applications:

  • Component bonding
  • Insert bonding
  • Panel bonding
  • Structural bonding & repair.

Huntsman adhesives offer superior joining and bonding performance on plastics, metals, composites and other substrates. In addition, they also offer manufacturing process improvements and significant reductions in weight over other methods.



Epoxy Adhesives

Product Description Pot Life (mins) 77˚F Max Service Temp ˚F Lap Shear Strength (AL) 77˚F
Araldite AV 8504 / TDT 177-27 Fast cure, meter/mix dispensable, high strength/resilient bond lines, well suited for panel pin bonding 15 200 1,850
Epibond 100 Heat cure, high hot/wet and Tg performance 135-145 300 5,000
Epibond 1210/9615 Room temp cure, good chemical/moisture resistance 50-75 N/A 2,500
Epibond 1210/9861 Fast cure/room temp cure, non-flow, low outgassing 35-60 250 2,800
Epibond 1217 Fast cure, high strength, translucent 4-8 N/A 2,500
Epibond 1534 Good chemical/moisture resistance 120 N/A 3,000
Epibond 1544-1 A82/D Flame retardant, low flow, gap-filling, early green strength 30-40 N/A 2,600
Epiibond 1559-1 Flame retardant, fast-setting, early green strength, cures to the touch after one hour at 77˚F (25˚C). For floor panels and other interior parts 4-10 N/A 2,700
Epibond 1565 Thixotropic, long work life, excellent performance properties at temps up to 350˚F (177˚C) 12 hrs 350 1,000
Epibond 200 Room temp cure, high peel and shear strength, toughened, flexible, thixotropic/gap filling 100 200 2,770
Epibond 215 Room temp-curing epoxy designed for service temps up to 250°F (121°C). Offers 45% better peel, shear and compressive performance than competitive adhesives 60-70 250 5,400
Epibond 300 Room temp cure, high lap shear and compression strength, excellent for liquid shim 45 400 4,200
Epibond 420 Durable, tough, high strength 60 150 4,500
Epibond 8000 Flame-retardant, high shear and peel strength, gap-filling 65-70 180 3,900
Epibond 8543 Sag-resistant, fast setting, cures in as little as two hours at temps as low as 45˚F (7˚C) 3 N/A 2,000
Fastweld 10 Rapid setting, produces strong bonds within a short time 3-4 N/A 2,800



Polyurethane Adhesives

Product Description Pot Life (mins) 77˚F Max Service Temp ˚F Lap Shear Strength (AL) 77˚F
Uralane 5772 Tough, high shear and peel strength 15-20 180 2,100
Uralane 5773 Durable, high peel strength 25-45 250 2,500
Uralane 5774 Flame retardant, produces tough, impact-resistant bonds 15-25 180 2,200
Uralane 5779 Non-flow paste, consistency can be used as a sealant or caulking compound (two colors available) 8-15 N/A 1,200


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