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Our wide range of high-performance, structural adhesives for bus, truck and rail manufacturers help overcome a variety of challenges - such as low emission, fast curing cycles with high initial green strength, durability under dynamic stress, impact resistance and multi-substrate joining. In addition, manufacturers require high strength parts at reduced production costs, without compromising on safety requirements.

As a strategic partner to the transportation industry, we tailor our products and services to the evolving needs of the bus, truck and rail market. Our structural adhesives help end-users improve their manufacturing processes, secure long-term performance of assemblies and enable lightweighting. This results in higher productivity rates, increased design freedom and better energy efficiency.


Product Description Pot Life (mins) Handling Strength (mins) Lap Shear Strength (AL)
Araldite 2029-1 2 C, Polyurethane, high elongation at break, high strength, non-sagging paste, room temp cure 40 240 3,481
Araldite 2040 2 C, Polyurethane, good flexibility, low shrinkage, gap filling, ideal for plastics 15 360 1,200
Araldite 2041 2 C, Polyurethane, high strength, good environmental stability and impact resistance, ideal for plastics and painted metals 15 240 1,650
Araldite 2042 2 C, Polyurethane, fast curing, high strength, excellent flexibility, ideal for plastics 3 360 2,300
Araldite 2021-1 2 C, Methyl Methacrylate, high strength and toughness, very fast cure 3 9 3,626
Araldite 2022-1 2 C Methyl Methacrylate, high strength and toughness, fast cure 10 12 3,626
Araldite 2010-1 2 C, Epoxy, toughened, high shear and peel strength 10 30 2,700
Araldite 2012 2 C, Epoxy, medium viscosity, high strength and toughness, room temp cure 6 20 2,611
Araldite 2013 2 C, Epoxy, good environmental and chemical resistance,  thixotropic, room temp cure 65 240 2,634
Araldite 2014 2 C, Epoxy, resistance to high temperature, excellent chemical resistance, room temp cure 60 180 2,762
Araldite 2015-1 2 C, Epoxy, high toughness, excellent weathering and temperature resistance, room temp cure 40 240 2,408
Araldite EP 200 2 C, Epoxy, flexible, high peel and shear strength, service temp -67˚F (-55˚C) to 200˚F (93˚C), room temp cure 60-70 360 3,200
Araldite EP 300 2 C, Epoxy, high lap shear and compressive strength, max service temp up to 400˚F (204˚C), room temp cure 30-35 240 4,200


Fastweld 10 Rapid-setting, produces strong bonds within a short time 3-4 N/A 2,800
Araldite 2085 2 C, Methyl Methacrylate, high peel strength, room temperature curing, ideal for rapid assembly operations on various substrates. 4 - 6 17 3,850
Araldite 2028-1 2C polyurethane, transparent, fast curing, UV stable 6-8 30 2,050


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