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Huntsman structural adhesives

For over 70 years, Huntsman has been a pioneering brand in high-performance adhesive technology. We offer formulation expertise in various chemistries; including epoxies, polyurethanes, methacrylates and polyamide hotmelts.


Why choose structural adhesives over mechanical fastening?

Structural adhesives:

  • Distribute loads over wider surface areas
Can reduce the weight of the finished product
Are cost-effective
Eliminate or minimize corrosion

  • Dampen vibration 
Eliminate joint fatigue

  • Offer aesthetic improvement
Allow for a smooth, clean surface
Provide electrical insulation

  • Boost impact resistance

  • Can bond dissimilar materials 

  • Transfer structural loads from one part to another

Our materials address requirements such as long open times for large area applications, fast-curing adhesives for early removal and rapid through-put, resistance to high temperature, water and chemicals, thixotropy for gap-filling or vertical applications, and toughness, impact-resistance and elasticity to cope with different thermal expansions when bonding larger structures.

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