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Our Euremelt® branded 'hot melts'are  primarily used for the rapid assembly of structures which are subject to light loads, such as the filter industry, electronics and residential building industry.

Main advantages

  • Solvent free, environmentally-friendly
  • Short setting time makes them ideal for high volume applications
  • One-component adhesive, easy to apply via a hand-gun or automated system
  • Low waste
  • Easy to store in granule form.

Offering versatility, range and cost savings for manufacturers.

Euremelt adhesives are available in a number of formulations, each designed to meet different bonding requirements across a variety of substrates.

Performance characteristics include:

  • Applied in molten state
  • Bond forms rapidly during cooling
  • Rapid green strength
  • Can be reactivated by heat.

Works across a number of substrates. Manufacturers can match performance needs and costs to the specific bonding application they have in mind, and this flexibility, together with potential labor savings, often provides significant cost benefits in industrial processes.

To find the product that is suitable for your application, please visit the appropriate industries page.

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