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These adhesives, based on a modified type of acrylic, are fast curing and offer high strength and toughness. Supplied as two parts (resin and catalyst), they are usually mixed immediately before application. Some more specialised types are also available where the components can be applied in separate operations: the resin component to one surface to be bonded, the catalyst to the other. They tolerate minimal surface preparation and bond well to a wide range of materials. The products are available in a wide range of cure speeds and as liquids or pastes.

Why choose two-component methyl methacrylate adhesives ?

  •   Excellent adhesion to metals, thermoset composites and most thermoplastics
  •   Good adhesion with minimum surface preparation
  •   Tolerant to mix-ratio variations
  •   Wide spectrum of available reactivity
  •   Optimum ratio open-time / cure time
  •   Mechanical properties from rigid to flexible
  •   Good long-term durability.

To find the product that is suitable for your application, please visit the appropriate industries page.

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