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Huntsman offers a wide range of high-performance, structural adhesives for automotive suppliers and repair shops. Today, manufacturers require high strength in their assemblies, at reduced production costs, without compromising on safety requirements.

Bonding technologies that create value

While the level of global business competition in automotive is high, manufacturers need solutions to help sustain their competitive edge and secure long-term growth. Production process improvement, innovation in design, weight savings, compliance to stringent safety and environmental standards, have become vital to success.

Our products help overcome a variety of challenges such as low emission, fast curing cycles with high initial green strength, durability under dynamic stress, impact resistance and multi-substrate joining.

As a strategic partner to the automotive industry, we tailor our products and services to the evolving needs of the automotive market. Our structural adhesives help end-users improve their manufacturing processes, secure long-term performance of assemblies and enable car lightweighting. This results in higher productivity rates, increased design freedom and better energy efficiency.

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