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Araldite adhesives meet the everyday challenges encountered in the Oil and Gas industry - such as extreme environments and adverse operating conditions.

We offer a wide-range of structural and repair adhesives to address the following issues.:-

  • Extremes of temperature
  • Chemical attack
  • High operating pressures
  • Sea and fresh water conditions.

Applications include:

LNG tanks

Araldite structural adhesives are certified to meet the stringent requirements of LNG tank manufacturing. Because of extreme environmental and temperature conditions, the storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) can present many challenges. Our epoxy and polyurethane adhesives are certified for use in cryogenic insulating panel construction for LNG tankers, barges, and onshore storage or “bunkering”.

Pipe bonding

Bonding composite or metal pipes can potentially lower manufacturing costs, provide high corrosion resistance, requires no threading or welding, and offers low thermal conduction and minimizes heat loss.

Product Description Pot Life (mins) Handling Strength (mins) Lap Shear Strength (AL)
Araldite 1258 2 C Epoxy, aluminium-filled, room temp cure, can be sanded 23 N/A 2,700
Araldite 2014 2 C Epoxy, resistance to high temperature, excellent chemical resistance, room temp cure 60 180 2,762
Araldite 2015-1 2 C Epoxy, high toughness, excellent weathering and temperaturre resistance, room temp cure 40 240 2,408
Araldite 8545-1 2 C Epoxy, toughened, good flexibility, low expansion/contraction coefficient 120 N/A 3,019
Araldite 8579 2 C Epoxy, solvent-free, spreads easily, low out-gassing, gap filling, excellent chemical resistance 60 N/A 2,030
Araldite AV 4738 / HV 4739 2 C ambient temperature curing.  Temperature resistant to 150˚C.  Excellent resistance to most common chemicals.  Thixotropic.  Gap filling.  Bnds metals and GRP.  Potable water approval 40-50 180 2,460
 Araldite 2019 2 C Epoxy adhesive paste of high strength and toughness 100-200 100 4,700
Araldite EP 1000 2 C Epoxy, service temp up to 300˚F, nano toughened, high lap shear, non-autoclave curable 40 N/A 5,200
Araldite EP 200 2 C Epoxy, room temp, high peel and shear strength, gap filling 60-70 <6hrs 3,200
Araldite EP 300 2 C Epoxy, high lap shear and compressive strength, max service temp up to 400˚F (204˚C), room temp cure 30 - 35 240 4,200
Araldite XB 5032 A/ XB 5319 2 C Epoxy, highly thixotropic, long working time, easy to mix and apply 120-300 N/A 2,610
Araldite XD 4460-2 / XD4461-2 2 C Epoxy, low density, easily pumpable, thixotropic, long working time see TDS 250-319 N/A
Araldite XF 536 M-1 / XF 537-1 2 C Epoxy, mastic, thixotropic, easy to mix and apply, good creep resistance 60 N/A N/A
Fastweld 10 2 C Epoxy, rapid-setting, produces strong bonds 3-4 <30 2,840


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