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In addition to providing dependable, consistent and high-performance bonding, the use of Araldite structural adhesives improves product aesthetics, performance and cost..

Primarily these will be in the following areas:-

Specifiers, users and consumers are more discerning than ever when it comes to the comparative performance, longevity and appearance of what they buy and use.

Huntsman is only too aware of these increased demands and the added value that Araldite structural adhesives can bring to product development and manufacturing is now ‘built in’ to every application.n.

Appreciation of the user experience is central to this approach – factors such as vibration dampening and better acoustic performance are prime examples of this.

Added value may also be delivered via technical benefits such as electrical insulating properties and reduced corrosion.  Weight reduction and extended product life are virtually certain to be on every manufacturer’s priority list, with the former a known factor in the drive to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly world

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