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Achieving design innovation

Huntsman structural adhesives form durable bonds across a range of substrates - including plastics, metals, glass, rubber and composites. The use of adhesives has encouraged designers to innovate and improve across a range of industries..

Bonding with Araldite preserves design integrity

Whether designers are working in new materials, experimenting with new uses of existing materials, or exploring new manufacturing methods, there is an Huntsman product which can deliver a secure bond, without interfering with the integrity of the product design.

Adhesives also provide practical benefits for the designer, in addition to aesthetics, including:

  • stiffer structures
  • reduced corrosion
  • reduced stress concentrations
  • vibration dampening
  • improved accoustic performance
  • electrical insulation or conduction.

Performance characteristics

Design engineers should consider the following performance characteristics when choosing an adhesive:

  • tension
  • compression
  • shear
  • cleavage
  • peel stress.
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