3 col item fix

Driven by the need to move towards a more energy-conscience culture, while aiming to reduce cost, increase operating efficiencies and improve performance - weight reduction has become a primary goal in the manufacturing sector.

Araldite industrial adhesives for modern materials

Araldite adhesives have been developed to adhere to newer, more advanced substrates, such as composites and ‘sandwich’ structures used in weight reduction programs.

Achieving measurable reductions in weight

Where fixed costs are a significant element of operating cost, the advantages of using these products manifest themselves in both increased strength and the resilience of assemblies, replacing mechanical fixing methods and achieving measurable net reductions in weight as a result.

And the resultant cost benefits

Weight reduction, especially in aerospace, automotive, rail and other transport related industries such as freight, logistics and shipping are major cost savers, as power to weight ratios improve, fuel is saved and emissions reduced.

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